L’Entr’acte, our favorite restaurant, and directly across the street from Theatre d’Atelier – two minutes from the apartment. If you look closely, you’ll see Gilles, the owner and chef. He was born and raised in Montmartre, and this restaurant is very much a neighborhood place. Yes, there will be tourists there because it has been discovered, but there are always locals and often theater people.


The intimate interior. Yes, it’s very small, and there is only Alain and Gilles, so don’t be in a hurry. Note the wonderful paintings, all paintings of the square with the theater, a collection begun when his parents ran the restaurant.


One of the gorgeous bouquets that Gilles creates for the restaurant each week. Alain, the waiter, serves while Gilles cooks. The food is traditional French, wonderful, and all prepared right there, even the desserts. It’s hard to believe such wonders come from the tiny kitchen.


Great place to have pizza and less than 5 minutes away. We have a number of excellent Italian restaurants within a 10-minute radius of the apartment. Good food at low prices. Our favorites are listed in the notebook you will find when you arrive.

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