Our elegant 19th century building that was once a hotel is on the left with the trees on the balcony. Rumor has it that Jacques Brel lived here when he first came to Paris. The once lovely entry needs to be restored, but things move very slowly in France. Our apartment is in the back of the building on the 4th floor (5th floor by US calculations). No balcony, sadly, but it is much quieter back there. And yes, we do have an elevator.

We are surrounded by chic men’s and women’s boutiques, a shopper’s paradise. Montmartre is still very much an artist’s quarter with artisanal boutiques and galleries tucked into every street.


Boulevard Rochechouart, a main Parisian artery with its lovely pedestrian walk and bike paths, makes it easy and pleasant to walk even on a busy street. This is the way to Gare du Nord, a 15-minute walk and the home of Eurostar, Thalys, the RER that goes directly to the airport. It is also where you find Anvers, one of two metro stops within minutes of the apartment.


Le Progres is a neighborhood haunt, written up in the NY Times. Great place for lunch and a favorite watering hole in the late afternoons and evenings. The Montmartrobus stops at this corner. Sidewalk cafes on each corner of both intersections guarantee that you will never be hungry, thirsty, or bored.


Down the street on the opposite corner is a popular theater, Theatre de L’Atelier, with its tree covered square. We’ve had some “star sightings” at the sidewalk café directly across from the theater as the actors relaxed between rehearsals.

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