Unlike so many Paris apartments, you have a table that easily seats four. Lots of room to enjoy the delicious food that surrounds you in Paris. The restored movie poster is our son’s pride and joy.


The truly functional kitchen. The small oven/broiler/convection oven, large enough to cook roasts or a whole chicken, easy enough to be your toaster, sits atop the refrigerator. The four-burner stove is next to it. We love to cook, especially in Paris where good ingredients are minutes away, so the kitchen is well equipped. You will even find staples such as oil, vinegar, coffee and tea, so you don’t have to start from scratch.


Quintessential Paris from the kitchen window. Makes doing the dishes a pleasure. Large windows everywhere in this apartment make it light and airy even in winter.


A queen size bed with an excellent mattress and reading lights for those who read in bed. The full sized dresser plus the roomy closet behind the camera give you plenty of room to unpack and feel at home. The ceiling fan/light add to your comfort.

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