The Salle de Sejour. Comfortable seating and good lighting for relaxing and even reading – something not usually found in a hotel room. A quick flick opens the couch into a queen size bed with an excellent mattress. No lumpy futon here! The small wall cupboard contains a treasure trove of “les bonnes addresses”, great places to eat, shop and explore with maps to help you do it. Flat screen TV, a stereo, wifi and a telephone with unlimited service in France and to fixed lines internationally, all the comforts of home.


Here you can see the entry. The bathroom is behind the kitchen. The mirrored cupboard between the kitchen and the dining room window is an extra closet with a place to hang clothes, shelves, and drawers so that four people can stay comfortably.


On the right of the couch is a complete library of anything you might need for a stay in Paris: ALL the guidebooks, including specialty guides for children in Paris, walkers in Paris, hidden corners, shop-a-holics; you name it, it’s there plus dictionaries, maps, even cookbooks. No need to pack any of that!! For rainy days when you just want to hang out, we have a great library of Paris centered fiction and non-fiction as well as gorgeous picture books of France.


The floor to ceiling windows here and in the bedroom combine with the high ceilings to make this apartment feel very spacious. We are on the backside of the building, which is much quieter.

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